Lincoln Alves

Front-End Developer & Graphic Designer at Coopers Digital Production

Portfolio: Lincoln Alves


At Agência CASA:

  • Jardim das Perdizes

    • Client: Tecnisa
    • Project: hotsite with parallax effects
    • FED: HTML5, CSS3, JS(jquery)
  • Eu Acredito - Petrobras

    • Client: Petrobras
    • Project: hotsite for olympic games
    • FED: HTML5, CSS3, JS(jquery)
  • Tecnisa

    • Client: Tecnisa
    • Project: new website
    • FED: XHTML, CSS and JS(jQuery lib.)
  • Most Tweeted Brands

    • Client: JWT
    • Project: JWT are counting and showing beautifully all those most tweeted brands.
    • FED: HTML5, CSS3, JS(jquery)
  • HSBC Brasil - Youtube Brand Channel

    • Client: HSBC Brasil
    • Project: App and brand channel customization
    • FED: HTML5, CSS3, JS(jquery), jQuery Carousel Plugin
  • O Livreiro website

    • Client: O Livreiro
    • Project: Social network for book lovers.
    • FED: XHTML 1.1, CSS, JS(jquery), jQuery UI

Freelance jobs

  • Cyrela

    • Client: Ag. CASA - Cyrela
    • Project: working for Ag. CASA as a Front-End Developer - new website for Cyrela
    • FED: HTML5, CSS3, JS(jquery) + responsive
  • Lar do Imóvel

    • Client: Lar do Imóvel
    • Project: Real estate announcements
    • FED: XHTML 1.1, CSS, JS(jquery)
    • All graphics design and Company Visual ID